Three day workshop that explores many creative techniques to enhance originally designed landscape quilts. Learn to manipulate textiles; paint, draw, wash, stamp, stencil, machine embroider and stitch embellishments on to various fabrics. Discover ways to use art concepts such as composition, perspective, colour, texture, tonal value and focal point in the landscape as practical and familiar elements in your quilt making. Mix colours using transparent fabric layers. Explore stitch as a drawing and colouring tool.

Take inspiration from the landscape (your holiday photos) to explore collage techniques for layered, embellished and strip pieced landscapes.


Day one Paper and fabric landscape collages, exploring art, design and quilting concepts. Bring holiday photos, magazines etc and develop your own imagery and styles through playing and exploring. Students are provided with comprehensive notes, diagrams as well as exposure to various landscape quilting approaches. Establish a visual diary / ideas notebook/ sketchbook of samples.


Day two       Colour, alter, experiment and create unique landscape fabrics using a variety of paint, inks, pens and crayons. No messy dyes to mix and just simple ways to create cloth that enhances your work. Use commercial and or hand dyed fabrics. Stitch on fabric stabilisers to create focal points or features like leaves, windmills, trees or gardens and create fancy free machine stitched lace like features for your layering.


Day three    Use your photos and sketches to develop and create your final landscape. Incorporate the stitched, printed and painted fabrics that were created on day 1 & 2 whilst learning how layer and mix the transparent colours of fabric organza, scrim, net etc. A layered landscape will be well under way, ready for the student to complete later.





Materials fee; Approx. $25 Students please pay on the first day. This covers paints, inks, crayons, pens and textas etc for sample size projects.

Haddrick on Fabric can supply fabric paints sets $55 for purchase on the day if preferred and a $10 materials fee

Students please pay on the first day.