Creative colouring techniques 2

This two to four day class is designed especially for quilters who wish to ‘personalise’ fabrics and create unique, ‘one off’ materials. Learn about some of the tricks of the trade used by prize winning quilters to create realism in their quilts. Use art techniques on your quilts. Create detailed fabric for features like faces, hair, feathers, leaves, petals, shadows and textures. Learn how to include text on a quilt. Hand colour fabrics for backgrounds like landscapes, skies and water or border fabrics or create feature Creative colouring techniques 3fabrics and themed fabrics for special quilts. These simple techniques will open your imagination to lots of possibilities. This is not a dye workshop. Creative colouring techniques 1We will explore fabric inks, paints, textas and crayons. Techniques demonstrated include tonal shading, colour embellishment, watercolour and wash colouring, solar printing, stencilling and stamping fabrics for your individual quilts.


Day 1 ‘Carefree Colour’ Intro to painting with colours using a primary palette. Solar painting / printing, backgrounds; sunsets, landscapes, leaves and flowers and fabrics for specific projects.


Day 2 ‘Fine Focus’ Colour mixing using secondary colours; Adding dimension, realism, shadows and detail to birds and animals, with choice

of sample size projects. Using pens, texas and crayons

also demonstrated.


Day 3,4 ‘Fabulous Fabrics’ Developing special effects

and unique fabrics for projects. Students explore own

expression with the opportunity to use

tertiary and metallic palette.


Materials fee $55 . A starter set of Sun paints

[ 8 colours] Kraft Kolour Brand

Please pay on the day. (paints.)