Looking for your artistic voice or some new directions? We will use your  "treasures"  to develop the symbols and elements of your unique world.


This is a masterclass workshop.

Do you have a vast repertoire of quilt techniques, samples, experiments, quilting tools and luscious threads and fabrics but your ideas …let you down? Don’t know where to start with designing and developing and refining ideas to create a powerful or succinct image or unique design?

In this idea development workshop, Julie will incorporate lots of fun art and design activities to help you develop artistically and to discover your particular style and motifs and perhaps modes of expression. Little samples that explore your special motifs, your symbols, words, objects, styles, colours or modes of expression that may reflect the essence of your voice. Based on your interests, collections, travels, photographs, objects and passions, these ‘treasures’ will be used to develop the symbols and elements of your unique world.

Students will explore their own ‘Shades of meaning’ and learn how to design, to develop and to eliminate the unnecessary. If you’d like to discover Your Wabi Sabi, join this class and be prepared to play, explore and develop ideas. At the end of this hands on workshop, you will have a folio of idea developments, design exercises plorations, fabric art & design samples and some tools for creative thinking and problem solving.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection of the hand made and the natural world alike, with all their imperfections and signs of use and age. Like Haiku, the Wabi Sabi approach embraces simplicity and the essence or uniqueness of all things and it forms the core of many artists’ inspiration.