Modern Silk Screen Printing 1 Modern Silk Screen Printing 2 Silk screen printing technique enables the artist to create numerous copies of their chosen imagery in quick, cost effective and efficient manner. It is a medium increasingly used by textile artists to create unique fabrics that have the Modern Silk Screen Printing 3hand craftModern Silk Screen Printing 4ed look.

Julie will introduce the medium, tools and equipment, show techniques for printing, registration and 3 different ways of making a silk screen stencil to print. Samples of ways to incorporate silk screen printing into hand-made textile artworks will be displayed as inspiration materials for just a few of the unlimited possibilities of the medium.

The workshop is a hands on and informative class where students will learn through making their own printing samples. A camera is useful to record, as well as notebook. The class will be fast paced, interactive and a high level of creativity and fun will be shared.   If applicable, students will take home their own Riso (photographic) screen and image.



Workshop fee will be charged to cover inks, stencils and screens. Price to be announced later and students bring fee in a labelled envelope