This class is one that is suitable only for advanced quilters and textile artists who are prepared to be guided individually through a series of processes rather than undertaking a fixed technique and project.

Thus students will negotiate from a series of their own photographs, which image or images they would like to paint, stitch and embellish. . Photographs with good contrasts, bold shadows (see jetty posts and shadows) and good colours work the best. Colours don’t have to be bright, rather, clearly identified and not muddy.

Julie’s self- portrait was loosely painted prior to stitch and hand colouring, layering and thread painting. The small photo shows just the painted cloth. Students will be guided through individual progression of techniques to create a resolved image.

Max 12 students preferred

Materials fee $55 for a starter set of Sun paints[ 8 colours] Kraft Kolour Brand

Please pay on the day.