Introduction to improvisational techniques that ‘break the rules’ and encourage spontaneity and freedom… Sound a little scary? As vague as this sounds, there are a Minimod-improv1multitude of ways to construct, using improvisational processes and in this class, a number of these ‘frameworks’ will be explored. In creating free form, the mind can ignore quilting rules and the rotary Minimod-improv3cutter becomes your expressive tool. Cutting fabric, playing with colour, exploring space, varying shapes and disrupting formal quilting order will connect ideas whilst lots of creative playing occurs with your scrap stash fabrics. The sample blocks illustrate some of the frameworks to try, including  block building , crisscross, curves, strippy layers, strip piecing, stitch and flip, splicing; Minimod-improv1insert and slice, accent strips/blocks, chain pieced blocks ,lazy log cabins and organic  circles. Set into large spaces, these mini modern technique blocks could be the start of a much bigger quilt.