Day one          ‘COLOUR THAT CLOTH’                         

Learn about colour and make some hand dyed fabrics.

A rainbow palette of colours will be mixed and you can dye up to 24 fat ¼’s of cotton fabric. Each piece of fabric will make up part of a 24-hue colour spectrum range in either bright or muted tones.

Some colour and tone principles will be covered, resulting in a colour wheel being made. It will help you to gain confidence in choosing fabrics and begin creating specific colour schemes. Just for fun, you may like to dye some embroidery thread with left over dyes.



Do you have a passion for fabrics? Have you wanted to try making your own, but didn’t have the gear or the time? Then learn more about Colour and make some fabric samples dyed in a variety of ways. Techniques involve direct dyeing and immersion dyeing; tie dye, tonal gradations, scrunching, over dyeing and spray dyeing. Colour mixing and colour schemes will be covered and you could make fabric for a specific quilt project or try a variety of samples.



A charge (approx. $40) is required for dyes & inks

Haddrick on Fabric can supply dye kits for students to purchase for later use