Does your fear of designing, drawing or expressing yourself frustrate you? Are you limited by your lack of confidence and art experiences? Do the beautiful fabrics you’ve collected “wait” for inspiration and the know-how of what to do with them? Would you like to print fabric and learn how to incorporate fundamental design elements into your next quilt?

This workshop is about all of this; a fun, fail proof class to begin / develop designing skills with structured exercises from an experienced art teacher / quilter. Take home a collection of visual images and designs, printed fabrics, a folio of actual design samples, lots of ideas and practical knowledge of how to design successfully.


Day one       Easy methods for developing an image, theme, design or motif from a country or culture that interests you. Make lino block printed fabric lengths or pieces, exploring pattern and colours.


Day two       Step by step creation of fabric, paper and collage samples produced in sketchbook size pieces. Julies’ explicit teaching handouts, notes and teaching examples will provide you with ideas, knowledge and various samples that demonstrate some essential quilters’ design principles. Suitable to use with both traditional and contemporary quilting techniques.



A charge [approximately $25; pay on the day] covers printing inks, lino blocks and notes.

Students bring a variety of materials, most of which can be found at home.