One to five days skills workshop with Julie Haddrick

Essentially this class is designed to ignite or develop your ability to use and apply art knowledge to your own quilt designing. The class teaches universal skills, suitable for traditional, contemporary, modern or art quilts. It is the “what and why and because” of quilt making. Most quilt makers have done a multitude of technique workshops, have tried lots of new tools, groovy new materials and different ways of creating a quilt but never had the confidence or opportunity to apply these techniques in designing their own quilts. Julie is an Art Teacher who has been teaching rudimentary art and design ideas for 35 years. She welcomes any student who would like to play and experiment and learn to apply some art ideas and principles to the students’ own style and methods of quilt-making.

Award winning quilts don’t just happen. All of the art elements must be balanced and cohesive to hold together the wonderful fabrics, quilt patterns and stitches that quilters love to play with in making a quilt. This is what we will explore. Student ideas. Julies guidance. What works; the how and why? What if? Depending on the length of the course, students will learn about creative methods of idea generation, how to design, developing an idea, explore a theme, colours, try changing directions, Finding your artistic voice.

Julie provides fun, easy, step by step exercises to challenge even the most non creative thinkers. We play with paper and fabric; cut up, tear, trace, glue, rearrange, colour, stitch and review. Discover designs, patterns and inspirations in the ordinary, in everyday events, the places you live in or travel to, the people and objects. Students will need a digital camera, magazines, your own photos and a sketchbook.

Sketchbook size fabric and paper collages will be made as well as fabric samples and small trial pieces. Students will bring or begin a collection of images and items for their own ‘visual library’…most people have boxes of ‘stuff’ they can’t bear to part with. This class explores the art elements of design, colour, composition, balance, shape and unity.



1-5 day workshop. 1 day only suitable for beginners but 5 day workshop is Master-class.

Master-class 5 day class provides the level of rigor and personal development to enable students to be initiating and designing a new body of work.