Eliza to Claira

This quilt follows the history of women in my family, using flowers as symbols of historic, political and social events, in styles mirroring art and design eras.

Joseph and Eliza, with 4 children, arrive at the Port of Adelaide in 1855, seeking a warmer climate and new opportunities. Decades of lives transform; botanical studies adorn a postcard sent from a homesick, isolated farming community. A new century, National spirit; Federation rose window. Violets in Nouveau style; happier times precede the ravage of wars. Customs, primarily British, change to cope with the heat, isolation and distance; ornamentation from lost culture. Women’s emancipation; modernism embraced. Female artistic credibility; Indigenous recognition. A child’s sampler; hollyhock embroidered tray cloth. Herbs; Mediterranean influence - diversity and multiculturalism. Psycadelia; activism, consumerism and choice. ‘Australiana’ liberates the decorative arts; pride of identity. New Age; embraces sexuality. Concluding is the computers multiple imagery; female role diversity, opportunity and choices for Claira.

Hand dyed, painted, stencilled & printed fabric: machine pieced , hand & machine quilted and embellished
Stained glass applique technique

Treasure views through your windows; explore stories.
Invitation entry to AQIPP 2001 exhibition; ‘Journeys; stories of immigration’