The clowns of the bush and in cities; the pink galah loves the attention of whoever is around. As seed eaters, they feed in the ground and they mate for life, returning to the same nesting site each year. Like other cockatoos, the galah is an excellent mimic of voices and sounds. Most galahs live to around 25 years in the wild, but they can live as long as 80 years when kept as a pet. The photos referencing Julie’s paintings are by Stuart Milde and Phillip Byatt.

Julie provides step-by step-instructions, patterns and coloured bird photos for you to reference in this project and technique class.

On Thursday and Friday you will learn painting techniques for landscapes, fabric colouring for borders and the finer details of galah painting techniques using fabric paints and pens, all provided by Julie.

On Saturday and Sunday you will explore machine stitching techniques to embellish painted birds, and detailing elements of the backgrounds. By Sunday you will be adding borders and starting to quilt your piece.

Julie provides starter kits with white fabric and garment interfacing and all materials; tools, paints and fabric pens to add detail to your quilt.

There are two designs to choose from – one has less detail in the background and is a little smaller but both feature three galahs.

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