August 2016

Hello and a welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself.

My life is shared with my husband Peter and a plethora of living creatures, two adult children (both creatives )family members, more family, friends and  of course the quilting community.

I am Julie Haddrick, an art teacher / artist / textiles /quilt maker / designer kind of person who lives and thrives in any creative environment.  Especially if there is colour, thread or fibre involved.

Much of my life (35 years) has been bound up in teaching ; ( art/craft/design and textiles) predominantly    high school students in South Australia, mainly about self-expression and  the reasons why creative thinking and artistic pursuits help maintain sanity ,  intelligence, personal satisfaction and  perhaps promote some meaning to their lives.

It is also very much fun and a way to learn more about ones’ self.

Equipped with toolboxes of skills, ideas and techniques, my school students would often find their safe haven and happy place inside the walls of my art room. The privilege of having access and perhaps a positive influence on young people’s lives gave me immense satisfaction. I did however live a second life as an ‘artist’, which in the recent three decades became ‘textile artist.’ I have been fortunate to translate much of my art teaching expertise into art quilting and have almost seamlessly stepped into this wonderful world of adult teaching. I miss the kids but….

My ability to sleep faster has caught up with my age so the early retirement option was too good to resist.

In teaching art quilting to adults also during the last 20 years, I have developed heap of workshops, and now get to choose where I might travel and teach. I have a website Haddrick on Fabric that explains all of this stuff and  I sell over 40 patterns. But I won’t be spruiking for sales or students or enrolments. In fact I never have.  Like so many artists, business has never been my strength.

It is this broadly educational direction that I would like to share my blog posts; my understanding and experiences and…. expertise in this conversation ‘ART STITCH’  Hopefully you might visit my art room or sewing room or studio or shopping outings or gallery or quilt shows or the  judging room and share in some of my journey.

I would invite you to be a follower to receive my occasional conversations and I look forward to this site being a sharing of ideas and friendship through common interests.

Welcome in  to Julie Haddrick’s Art Room blog; ART STITCH

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