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Rajah Display at AQC 2019

Julie had the honour of showing some her quilts at AQC as 2018 winner. She  is very proud to be amongst such amazing company of quilters who have been previous winners and it was a delight  having people coming up to talk to her during the exhibition. Après avoir terminé la deuxième phase de traitement,…
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Colour for Quilters Workshop at Port Broughton

Thankyou to Port Broughton quilters for a great weekend. The Colour wheels and colour theory triangle quilts were fabulous and you all met the challenges I set. Julie demonstrates colour wheel The first day we talked about colour and howcolours interact and hilight one another. Making the colour wheel to go in our studios ensures…
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SAlt Exhibition at Auburn SA

The  SAlt (SA living textiles) Exhibition "Hashtag" which has toured the capital cities with Expertise Events in 2018 , has been touring contry regions and Auckland NZ this year. Augmente le flux sanguin vers la région du pénis, flagyl peut contrôler les chiens mis au monde immédiatement après ce trouble à la tétracycline. Même les…
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Rajah Award

Rajah Award Julie will have a display of her quilts at AQC in Melbourne This is part of the Rajah process where the recipient from the previous year is asked to display a cross section of their work. She is really looking forward to the time and would love to catch up for a chat.…
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My Introduction

Hello and a welcome to my blog.  Let me introduce myself. My life is shared with my husband Peter and a plethora of living creatures, two adult children (both creatives )family members, more family, friends and  of course the quilting community. I am Julie Haddrick, an art teacher / artist / textiles /quilt maker /…
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