1 Jan
Contemporary Stained Glass
Have you admired the stained glass quilts of others, but not known where to start? In this class, Julie Haddrick, Australia's award winning stained glass quilt artist shares her expertise, knowledge, and skills to help you create a unique masterpiece. A choice of two original patterns of different levels are provided in this class, along with related design concepts concerning colour use, pattern and fabric choice. Students may like to design their own stained glass window with help from Julie, or wish to adapt Julie's pattern to suit particular needs. Patterns are original, precise and accurate, with easy to follow notes and instructions and a range of inspiring samples to encourage the creative side of each quilter. Designs include Blue Wren family, Colours of flight (also individual feathers). Kit cost $20
14 Apr
Modern Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing technique is a medium increasingly used by textile artists to create multiple copies of unique fabrics that have the handcrafted look. It is a hands-on and informative technique class where Julie will introduce the medium, tools and equipment, show techniques for printing, registration and three different ways of making and printing a silk screen stencil. Each student will create and print at least three silk screen images. Examples of silk screen printing incorporated into hand-made textile artworks will be displayed as inspiration materials for a few of the possibilities of the medium. Students will learn through making their own stencils and printing them on to lots of different fabrics. No experience required but the class will be fast paced, interactive and a high level of creativity and fun. Students will take home their own Riso (photographic) silk screen and a folio of at least four printed images. Further Riso equipment can be purchased at the convention - See more at:
16 Apr
Your Wabi Sabi
Looking for your artistic voice or some new directions in quilt designing? Do you have a vast repertoire of quilt techniques, samples, experiments, quilting tools and luscious threads and fabrics but your ideas … let you down? In this workshop, Julie will incorporate art and design activities to help you develop artistically and to discover your particular style. Based on your interests, collections, travels, photographs, objects and passions, these ‘treasures’ will be used to develop the symbols and elements of your unique world. Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection of the handmade and the natural world alike, with all their imperfections and signs of age. Like haiku, the wabi sabi approach embraces simplicity and the essence or uniqueness of all things and it forms the core of many artists’ inspiration. Students will explore their own ‘shades of meaning’ and learn how to design, to develop and to eliminate the unnecessary. My wabi sabi is in quiet, insignificant places with feathers and sticks and china shards as my treasure (see the picture for ideas). If you’d like to discover your wabi sabi, join this class and at the end of it you will have a folio of idea developments, design explorations, fabric art and design samples plus some tools for creative thinking and problem solving. - See more at: