Julie's Quilt sells on Diamond Day!

2017 SAQA Benefit Auction

Julie's quilt "Treasure of Feather" has sold on the first day (Diamond Day) at the SAQA Benefit Auction in Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA

SAQA17Transience, imperfection and impermanence. Greatness is in the overlooked details and in the art of aging graciously; of beauty in decline. My Wabi Sabi is quiet, insignificant; the discarded.

Machine pieced background including newsprint fabric, with Guinea Fowl feather painted with fabric paints. Machine thread painted and quilted with rayon threads.

Diamond Day Bidding opens today!

Julie Haddrick   •  Treasure of Feather   2 year donor view website  •  SOLD

The 2017 Benefit Auction opens Sept 16 and goes until October 8! Diamond Day Bidding opens at 2pm EDT (GMT -4) and this is your early-bird chance to purchase ANY quilt for $US 1000. At just 12" square, these pieces are perfect for collecting and displaying.

The 12" x 12" Auction Quilts have then been divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.

To see the quilts sold to date go to   http://www.saqa.com/auction-quiltviewSOLD.php

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